Say goodbye to boring cable sleeves

staywired Pro Flex

Cable sleeve with 2 zippers

Prices from:€ 6,99
  • Unique sleeves with a Danish design
  • Dirt-repellent fabric for easy cleaning
  • Sizes from 200 cm.
  • Access to cables without the use of tools

staywired Pro Flex

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Tired of cable mess?

Get control of your company’s cables with staywired cable hoses. The users enjoy the nice design. The boss welcomes the economic choiuce as staywired can be reused again and again. You enjoy the functionality. In short: Everyone is happy.

staywired Pro Flex

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Nice accessories for you

Make your home complete with the new staywired cable hoses. Use them under your flat screen TV or behind your new computer and get a nice look over sad plastic rails and other boring solutions. The standard size of the home is 80 and 120 cm, but many other lengths are available.

staywired Pro Flex is a high quality cable concealer at a reasonable price. The construction, which is made of double layer textile with an intermediate membrane, makes it nice to use and gives a nice look. Thanks to the zipper, you can access your cables without the use of tools – easily and effortlessly – and you can quickly change your configuration.

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The cable cover from staywired is a unique Danish-designed product, developed after years of experience in replacing IT equipment in private and public companies. During the development, emphasis has been placed on functionality, design and economy, and this has resulted in a whole new type of cable sheath.

The result is a dirt-repellent and durable cable cover that can be reused a number of times. It is simple to use as the work is done without the use of tools. Thanks to the zipper, adding or removing cables is easy and fast.

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